The Impact of an Average Car Accident on Your Auto Insurance

Car Accident

In Georgia, there are about 1,500 fatal car accidents each year. You may be required to pay up to $2,500 for vehicle repairs even if you are fortunate enough to escape a car collision without injuries or with just minor damage to you or the other drivers. 

You must have enough vehicle insurance in Georgia to cover you in the event of an accident, regardless of how regularly or infrequently you drive.

The sections below discuss how a car accident in Georgia can affect your auto insurance.

Insurance Coverage Necessary in Georgia

Like the majority of states, Georgia mandates that all drivers maintain liability insurance, which must contain the following and will cover any injuries or property damage to other drivers:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury liability per person

  • $50,000 for bodily injury liability per accident

  • $25,000 for property damage liability

Having comprehensive collision insurance is a good idea, even though Georgia doesn’t mandate drivers to have it. Only injuries or car damages to another individual are covered by liability insurance, not you. 

Your comprehensive insurance will cover any losses or damages if you are in an accident. Your vehicle’s damages are assisted financially by collision coverage.

It is not required by state law, but Georgia drivers should still consider purchasing uninsured motorist protection. Because Georgia is an “at fault” state, the driver who caused the incident is responsible for paying for all damages and injuries resulting from the collision. 

However, if that driver is uninsured, you will be responsible for covering those expenses out of your own pocket. If anything like that occurs, uninsured motorist coverage can assist cover such expenses, so you aren’t stuck with the price.

Impact of an Accident on Your Insurance Premium

Georgia vehicle accidents can be expensive, and not just because of the costs of repairing the damage, paying for medical care if someone is hurt, or paying legal fees if the other motorist sues you.

An automobile collision may increase your insurance costs, especially if you are the at-fault driver. Following an accident, automobile insurance costs in Georgia may rise by as much as 60 percent. 

After an accident, insurance rates may rise and stay high for a number of years. If you contributed less than 50 percent to the accident, your insurer might opt against raising your premiums.

Reports to the Police and Insurance Company

Any accident in Georgia that causes injury, death, or property damage worth more than $500 is required to be reported to police authorities. 

A Uniform Traffic Accident Report must be completed by law enforcement organizations and submitted to the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicle Safety. 

Police officials will question persons involved in the collision and any witnesses at the scene in an effort to identify the at-fault party. They will also look for proof of insurance.

The law enforcement accident report will be used if it is unclear who was at fault or accountable for the accident. Some of the drivers involved in the collision may be issued a traffic ticket.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety will provide you with a copy of the accident investigation report.


You must also inform your insurance provider if you are involved in an automobile accident. Whether you were at blame for the accident or not, Georgia law compels you to notify your insurance carrier of it and help with the investigation. This requirement is included in most auto insurance policies.

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