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As insurance agents and brokers, keeping up with the latest technology is important to remain competitive. This is why mobile apps are essential for agents and brokers to manage their daily tasks, improve their workflow, and provide better services to their clients. This article will discuss the top six mobile apps for agents and brokers.


Evernote is a digital note-taking app that allows users to create, organize, and access their notes from various devices. It is a platform designed to help individuals stay organized and productive by providing features such as note-sharing, task lists, and reminders. With Evernote, users can easily capture and store information, collaborate with others, and stay on their daily to-do lists.


The RingCentral app is an amazing tool that allows you to manage all your communications on the go from a single platform. With its advanced features, you can answer phone calls even when you're away from your desk, set reminders, collaborate with your team, and redirect incoming calls to ensure you take advantage of potential business opportunities. 

The app also simplifies conference calls and eliminates the need to download multiple software and tools to stay connected. RingCentral is designed to streamline all forms of communication in one convenient space, making your life easier.


Agents in the insurance industry face multiple business expenses, which can be challenging to track with paper receipts. Expensify addresses this issue by accurately recording all business expenses, including meetings, travel, and meals. Through scanning and storing receipts, categorizing expenses, and tracking mileage, Expensify provides a comprehensive overview of an agent's spending. This data is accessible anytime, allowing agents to strategize and manage their expenses more efficiently.


Insurance agents often need help managing their time effectively. RescueTime helps by monitoring your usage of websites and apps, allowing you to see how much time you spend on each task. Armed with this data, you can optimize your schedule by finding new ways to tackle the tasks that take up the most time. The app is also available on iPad for added convenience and compatibility with multiple devices. With RescueTime, you can better understand how you're using your time and making the most of it. 


PandaDoc is a software application that helps businesses streamline their document creation, delivery, and tracking process. It allows users to easily create and send professional-looking documents such as proposals, contracts, and quotes and track their progress in real-time. With PandaDoc, businesses can save time and improve their workflow while enhancing the overall customer experience.


Business cards are a great way for professionals to share their contact information, but they can easily become cluttered. Due to the pandemic, people hesitate to take physical cards, which is where ScanBizCards comes in. This app lets you turn physical cards into digital ones and syncs the information with your CRM. Instead of losing a business card, you can easily add the information to your management system.

To Conclude

For agents and brokers to manage their daily tasks, improve their workflow, and provide better client services, it's time they adapted to mobile technologies. These top six apps can help them stay organized, productive, and efficient.

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